Corporate Events

The Power of Sport

Looking for an interactive way to build teamwork and camaraderie within your staff?  If you want to keep your staff team happy and healthy you have found the right place!  The Sport & Social Club offers adult mixed, recreational sports leagues, tournaments, outdoor adventure, and social events for people ages 19+.  Our leagues and events are a great way to exercise and stay healthy, expand social networks, and try new sports!  Getting out of the office and balancing work and play is rewarding for both employees and employers alike.  



Benefits of SSC Corporate Teams

  • Engaging in sports helps reduce stress and increase physical and mental health
  • Healthier employees = lower health insurance costs
  • Opportunity to network and meet new people
  • Exposure to new sports and activities
  • Improved interoffice or virtual relationships with colleagues
  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

Why Play With SSC?

We make it easy!  After signing up your team, let SSC take care of the rest!  We will help make this experience as fun and as easy as possible for you and your group!  Not only do we take care of scheduling and venues, we also provide teams with all of the sports equipment needed to play in our leagues (such as balls, sticks, nets, etc.).  In addition, we also provide complete start-to-finish administration of our leagues including:

  • A user-friendly online registration process
  • An introductory email template to send to your team introducing SSC
  • An information package to your appointed team captain prior to the league start (includes schedule, equipment, promotional items, etc.)
  • Access to a live customer service agent for inquiries
  • Single point of contact for sport registration/communication/scheduling
  • Direct access through our website to team schedules/standings
  • Discounts at local retailers and pubs where players are invited post-game to continue the field/court fun over drinks and free food!

Corporate Event or Tournament

Looking to organize something active for your employees or clients?  Looking for an opportunity to bring together staff to build and create relationships that go beyond the office?  Let us customize corporate team-building activities for you! 


We can organize weekend, weekday, or evening tournaments and group development activities to meet your company’s needs.  We work side-by-side with you to develop a customized experience focused on leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, and more!  Our corporate team activities are interactive, full of adventure, and promote business relations and group bonding.  Reach out to us for customized events and rate packages.


Our promise is to deliver an event that is fun, memorable, and valuable!


Virtual Group and Corporate Opportunities

Bring your remote group or team together with our variety of virtual game experiences, all without leaving the comfort and safety of home! The Sport & Social Club is proud to offer a suite of virtual games, which are facilitated via live video stream with our fun and friendly hosts.


These virtual programs, events & games are a fantastic way to promote team spirit, boost morale, have fun and stay connected. Ideal for Corporate Events, Groups of Friends, Your Sports Team, Virtual Birthday Parties of all ages, Senior Centres and more!


Check out the list of activities below - Everything is customizable!

  • Live Bingo: A classic game of BINGO with a twist - played virtually! We will bring your group together live on ZOOM with our staff host!  Play and socialize with your group while playing 3 rounds of BINGO. 
  • Live Trivia: Get together on ZOOM for trivia with our staff host! Play rounds of themed questions and see who comes out on top!  Let us tailor the questions to your groups' preference or choose from our library of popular themes.
  • Pictionary / Scattergories: Can you think quick on your feet? Come up with words or pictures at the drop of a hat? Get competitive in a fun and virtual way with your group in Pictionary or Scattergories!
  • Quarantine Games: Do you love variety?  Play a mix of Trivia, Video Charades, Pictionary, BINGO, see if you're smarter than a 5th Grader and much more!
  • Esport Leagues: Whether you are a serious gamer or just play for fun, you'll love this league style of league play!
  • Get a group together and we'll match you against two opponents each week throughout your season of play. Hit the virtual sports field with your favourite teams!  We also offer tournaments and other variations!
  • Young Professionals Virtual Game Night: While many offices have moved virtual, that doesn't mean your corporate networking has to stop! 
  • Corporate Trivia Challenge: Join us on Zoom and challenge other young professionals from across the country.  The trivia will be themed with challenging questions to stump even the most seasoned trivia players.

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