2SLGBTQI+ Inclusion Policy

Inclusion Policy

The Sport and Social Club seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of all activities under our multi-sport umbrella.  Through our Club activities and most importantly our players, we are committed to providing a supportive and respectful environment for all players and staff regardless of any differences based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and all other grounds protected from discrimination by the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Act.

Guiding Principles
The Sport and Social Club is guided by the following principles for inclusion:

  • Participation in SSC activities celebrate differences and focus on the benefits and the joy of sport.
  • Policies governing participation for inclusion should nurture fair play, honesty and respect, and integrity.
  • Policies governing participation embrace diversity and inclusion, resulting in a positive sporting experience, free of discrimination or harassment based on gender identity or expression.
  • Policies governing the participation of trans and non-binary people foster access and equitable participation and equal opportunities to participate in sport and strive for excellence at all levels and in all capacities.
  • Policies governing the participation of trans and non-binary people, are evidence-based and recognizes the necessity to protect the privacy rights of individuals, and strive to prevent physical, emotional and mental harm.

Participating with SSC
When playing in a sport league(s) or tournament, members have the option to participate in the gender category in which they identify.  All identifications of gender identity or expression by our members are believed to be made in good faith and do not require further disclosure or documentation.

  • Individuals who identify as a woman are eligible to play on women’s, mixed and open gender teams.
  • Individuals who identify as a man are eligible to play on men’s, mixed teams and open gender teams.
  • Non-Binary individuals can identify under a Non-Binary gender option when creating a Player Profile.  For sport team rostering purposes, non-binary individuals are not included in male or female gender counts, however, are included towards total player count.
  • For any player wanting to update their gender identity can do so through their online Player Profile.

The Sport and Social Club recognizes the privacy rights and safeguards the confidentiality of all players.


Respecting Others and Collective Responsibility
Any member of the SSC who feels they themselves have ever been, or have witnessed an individual being discriminated against, bullied, verbally or sexually harassed, vilified or victimized based on gender identity or expression have a responsibility to take appropriate action.  This can be done through the Team’s Score and Spirit Point Submission form or by contacting the SSC office directly. 

Commitment to Education
The Sport and Social Club is committed to educating our full-time staff and evening contractors (Evening League Facilitators, Game Coordinators, Instructors and Referees) on the Clubs commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Ongoing Commitment
The Sport and Social Club commits to continually evaluating the organization’s progress towards a more inclusive sport system.

More Information
Any individual wishing to provide feedback, comment or obtain more information about the Sport and Social Club’s inclusion policy, is invited to reach out to the SSC office via email at ottawa@sportandsocialclub.ca or by phone at 613-565-8326 (TEAM).