Skill Level

Choosing a skill level for yourself or for your team can be tricky to determine.  Check out the descriptions below to help you decide where you best fit. 

Helpful Guidelines:

Skill divisions are used to provide the best possible sport experience for all teams.

Higher skill levels do not reflect a higher level of aggression or competitiveness in play. We simply speak about individual player skill-ability in the sport.  The Sport & Social Club encourages fair play and fun in all skill levels of play. Based on years of experience, we generally find that any player or team on the fence between two divisions would be better suited to go to the higher-level division. If you have played in past seasons and your team places in the Top 3 – you are best served to move to the next skill division. Talk to your teammates about their past sport experiences and gain an understanding of their skill level before signing up your team.  

We strive to provide the best experience possible for all teams. Part of going above and beyond is ensuring evenly distributed leagues that are both fun and competitive.  One way we accomplish this is by using the self-assessed skill rating tool. Other tools we use to determine which teams belong in the most appropriate tier are historical standings, present season results and on-site staff feedback. We may move teams up or down skill levels based on these assessment tools.  We remind teams not every sport league will have multiple tiers as this is dependent upon total number of registrations.

Skill Divisions:

  • Open: There is no skill level designation in the open category. Everybody of any ability is well suited to play in our open divisions.
  • Recreational: Perfect level of play for those people new to a sport, or less proficient in the skills of the game - typically people with less than 2 years of experience. The percentage of the team suggested to fit this description is 65%. You will encounter teams in the recreational division who have never played the sport before.
  • Rec/Int: Players who have some experience at an organized level of the sport.  Players should be average in ability in all aspects of the game. Teams who finish in the top half of recreational divisions would be well suited in Rec/Int.
  • Intermediate: Players who have some experience at an organized level of the sport. Players should be average to above average in all aspects of the game. The percentage of the team suggested to fit this description is 65%. Teams who play in the intermediate division have a good idea of how to play the sport and strategize proficiently.
  • Adv/Int: All players should have an intermediate volleyball background and be at the higher level of intermediate play (please see intermediate outline above). Teams who have finished in the top half of intermediate would be well suited for play in Adv/Int.
  • Advanced: Players who have 2-3 years of experience. Players should be very proficient in all aspects of the game. The percentage of the team suggested to fit this description is 65%. Experienced level of play refers to skill only, not level of aggression. Advanced teams have a high level of skill, generally most or all players on a given team have significant playing experience.
  • Competitive: The majority of players should have multi-year experience at an organized level of the sport - ideally 5 years in high school, post-secondary or adult leagues. Players should be confident & comfortable with all aspects of the sport including rules, strategy and skills. The fitness level of most players should be high. 

The 65% 'rule' speaks to the overall level of ability on your team. If more than 65% are of a certain ability, we recommend that you register your team for that level. 

Still not sure? That's okay!  Our staff are happy to talk about their experience in the leagues and can help you make a decision.