All league participants must complete a liability waiver to participate in Sport & Social Club activities (including substitute players). Teams who are found to be using players who have not been rostered and signed the waiver, will be asked to leave the league without refund or warning. Please be advised that we will not share any personal information with other groups or organizations.


There are two ways to complete a waiver: 


1. Individual & Team - Signed Waiver During Registration:

Individual Registrants: At the time of your registration, you created an online profile, which required you to submit the waiver form. You have therefore signed a waiver, and no further steps are required. 

Team Captains: When you invite teammates to your roster, they will be sent an invitation link to play on your team, and will be asked to complete the waiver online. Please ensure that your entire roster is submitted, so that everyone has a signed the waiver online.  This includes substitute players.



2. Individual Player Substitute - Complete an Online Waiver:


Individual Player Substitute: If you are a subtitute player for a team, please complete the registration process below (free) to sign your online waiver. This process ensures you have signed the online waiver and agreed to SSC policies ahead of your activity.

  Substitute Player - Online Waiver

Substitute Player - Summer 2023

  • Locations: ASSC
  • • Day: Monday • Started: Monday, May 1
More Info
More Info

Please complete this registration process if you are looking to be a substitute player for an individual team. Select 'Individual' and complete the online registration process.

If you are a substitute for a captained team (they registered as a full team), please ask the captain to send you a roster invite to sign the waiver and do not register here.

This process confirms you already have a player account or can create a new one as well as signing the online waiver. A waiver must be signed every sport season (Winter, Summer, Fall).

Please ignore the dates and times as they are just placeholders.

There is no cost involved during this registration.


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